Fantasy Machine

by Bud Bronson & The Good Timers

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Hot damn, we’re the Good Timers and we’re coming to your town. We don’t drive the speed limit and we play our music loud. We’re so badass, we don’t listen all that well. You can tell the surgeon general we’ll see his ass in hell. We all grew up in the ‘burbs except Luke, he grew up in the mountains — spent four years locked inside his room learning to shred like Van Halen. Now we’re in the crossfire between the Punch Bowl and Kitties South, but we’ll play the Hi Dive till the day we die, or at least till we sell out. We already told you, man, the good times are here to stay. At least until tomorrow morning, when there’ll be hell to pay. We could drink a hundred beers tonight to show you how cool we are. But who’ll drive us back tomorrow when we leave our cards at the bar? Enter the Fantasy Machine. You can see whatever you wanna see. You don’t gotta be what you don’t wanna be. Livin’ off the fat of the land of the free.
Victory Fist 04:15
Sometimes it feels like every girl’s already with someone else. But one day we’re gunna be the ones in love, we don’t gotta whine about it now. I’m like, “Damn it’s been too long since I felt like this. Come on, lemme see your victory fist. We’re playing for fun, but it’s fun to win. And we ain’t been champs since we were kids.” Sometimes I feel like I’m buying people more beers than they bought me. But we’re playing a show, I’ve got two drink tickets, tonight I’m getting beers for free. Take flight on the eagle of your dreams. Tilt your head back and let it scream. We can blast straight into space right here from the backseat. We ain’t always gunna be the best, but we can still believe. Someday, somebody may beat us, but we’ll make ‘em pay with blood, and we’ll be laughing when it’s done. Just kidding, man, we ain’t that tough, and we ain’t asking for too much, just keep hanging with our buds. And when this world gets mean and rough. You can ride with us, we’ll stand back up and take back everything that’s ours. We’ll spread our wings, keep flying high, like a bald eagle with bloodshot eyes. We’ll live forever until we die.
Vapedemic 03:15
Pioneer Iron 03:09
Some things we don’t talk about. We just kinda let ‘em slide. But it’s something worth fighting for. We got too many years on the line. We didn’t hang in the gym, we hung out in parking lots. They got iron in their biceps, man we got it in our blood. I just wanna hang out again. We ain’t got the biggest guns, but we can still flex ‘em. Tear the sleeves off our shirts and show ‘em to everyone. You don’t mess with Pioneer Iron.
Hey man don’t cut your hair, who you gotta impress? We’re all still right here. I ain’t trying to tell you what to do. I’m just looking out for you. We’ve been hanging tough since way back when we’d run through the woods with beers we stole from our dads. It was so easy then, when nothing else matters but hanging out with our friends. We gotta keep it going while we can, we’re never gunna be 28 again. Don’t tell me you’re done getting high, we still got so many brain cells left to fry. Remember those high school drives? Haha, no, neither do I. All our cars are in the junkyard now, all our CDs are garbage now. Some of our friends are married now but we can still get ripped, I still know how. I can let all the other stuff go, just don’t leave me going on alone. I hate to say it but truth be told, getting drunk’s kinda getting old. But I’ll do it for you, we gotta keep it going, I drank a million beers, what’s a million more? “Shoot for the sky you’ll land in the stars,” I landed in a galaxy of Denver dive bars. I can find friends wherever I go. It’s what I always wanted, but I always want more. Is this all there is? I should just be enjoying it. One day we’ll be looking back and think damn it man, we had it all back then. I’m tired of thinking it through, it’s the weekend man, what you wanna do? Party or party, man? We don’t ever really gotta change, keep quoting lines from Independence Day. 4AM taquitos and drinking a lot, and treating our bodies like garbage dumps. The wave is coming but we ain’t gotta fear cause we’re surfing in a sea of Banquet beer. Bad stuff’ll happen, but it won’t happen here. Hold on man, another million more years. If we go down, we go down together. Best friends means what best friends means.
Me and my friends, we’re alright guys. We do what we gotta do to get by. But boys will be boys till the end of time, and sometimes we get wild. Waking up in a pizza box, so what? We’re doing fine. We know what we’re doing and we’re doing it all the time. Way back when I was just a kid, man I couldn’t wait to live like this. Just one of the guys, just fitting in, just slapping backs and kicking it. Every Sunday I spent watching football with my dad, I was learning about what it means to be a man. So let’s all hop on the Coors Light train, the one they show in football games, from the top of Everest down to Union Station — we can party the whole way! Then we’ll set up the amps and drums and plug in the smoke machine and play the sickest show that LoDo’s ever seen. Then we’ll hit up a Rockies game, way up in the cheap seats. Do a beer bong from the upper deck down to Blake Street. Cause I’m living in a beer commercial minus all the beaches and girls. It’s a cold and shallow world, and I’m drowning it. But I don’t wanna talk no more. Vic, gimme some beer commercial lead guitar! I’m living in a beer commercial, minus all the beaches and girls.
We’re all gunna die, but we ain’t dead yet. And we can’t change the past or go crazy wondering about what’s ahead. And if everything we wanna do has already been done, well we’re just who we are. We don’t gotta be the coolest kids on the block. And we ain’t gunna be knuckleheads our entire lives, but we can still be Bud Bronson once in a while. Sometimes we try too hard to keep it in control, but we got rock & roll. Me and you can wear denim wherever we go. And if I’m still clinging to teenage fantasies, man just let me be. I don’t ever wanna get too old to dream. And one day I’ll find some new words to put in all the songs I write, but I don’t ever wanna give up on all our good times. And when you get bummed and you feel like you’ve wasted time, just remember our sleeveless nights. Some crazy things happen man, some things that are bigger than us. But we can turn the amps up to 11 and blow a hole right through the garage. And then Luke rips a solo and we blast straight into the stars. We got so far to go and we’re so far gone, but look how far we’ve come. We can make it, just like that Bon Jovi song. All our favorite bands will change their sounds and break up and we’ll grow out of those old songs. But there’ll be new ones, the jams are never gunna stop. And we can grow out our hair till the day we die. Cut off our sleeves like it’s always summer time. And when you get bummed and you feel like you’ve wasted time, just remember our sleeveless nights.
We’ll keep growing old and one day we’re gunna die, But that’s alright. They can’t erase our sleeveless nights.


"This might be the greatest band of all time."
-- Todd Farrell Jr., Benchmarks

"The kind of triumphant power pop that feels like it’s coming from an honest place rather than being an affectation of style. That they have moved beyond obvious influences makes Bud Bronson & the Good Timers one of the most exciting rock-and-roll bands in Denver at this moment."
-- Tom Murphy, Westword

"Fantasy Machine is a rare album that effectively mixes the earnest lyricism of Iron Chic with the arena rock shreddery of Iron Maiden. Sonically, the album is gigantic. The lyrics are self-aware enough to know that the party has to eventually end, even though no one is prepared for it to be over."
-- Ryan Heller, For the Love of Punk / Lawsuit Models

"Exploding with stadium-sized riffs, dual-lead pyrotechnics and storytelling that splits the atom between earnestness and absurdity, "Fantasy Machine" tells of the struggle to maintain the wide-eyed wonder of adolescence — when a Squier Strat could transform a suburban bedroom into an arena of screaming fans — during the long stretch between the twilight of childhood and the rest of your life... Simply a must-have."
-- Bud Bronson, BBGT Monthly


released November 13, 2015

Recorded and mastered with Chris Fogal at Black in Bluhm Studios in Denver. Released on vinyl and CD through Greater Than Collective.


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Bud Bronson & The Good Timers Denver, Colorado




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