Between the Outfield and Outer Space

by Bud Bronson & The Good Timers

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When we last heard from the Good Timers on their debut LP Fantasy Machine, the band was “running wild and living free”, blissfully high-fiving their way through a galaxy of dive bars, 4AM taquitos and Independence Day reruns. Any seeds of doubt in the cracks of their Coors-Light-basted sidewalks were buried under a chorus of arm-in-arm friends making their purpose abundantly clear: tonight we party, and tonight will last forever.

On their sophomore full-length, Between The Outfield And Outer Space (BTOAOS), the band confronts the dawn of a morning they pretended would never come, examining their own foray into fantasy within a world that seems hell-bent on clinging to its own.

Heavy? Yes. Bleak? Maybe. A downer? Hardly. While the band breaks into uncharted territory thematically — taking a harder look at long-championed BBGT tropes such as nostalgia, excess and willful ignorance — the music explodes with more urgency than ever.

BTOAOS’ title track wastes little time broadcasting the album’s space-sized ambition, riding shimmering guitars into the outer reaches of the cosmos before “We Are The Champions (Of The Basement)” lands squarely back on Earth, playing like the rec-room soundtrack to a Bruce Springsteen show after-party. Over the next 30+ minutes, BTOATS seamlessly pays homage to the full spectrum of BBGT’s influences, from 1970s AOR and Rivers Cuomo fan-boy shredding to early-aughts high-school essentials like Bleed American and Tell All Your Friends. The result is a complete, compelling and fully individual work that satisfies the lofty standards set forth by none other than Patrick Stickles: “It should always be the dearest hope of the Artist that the Art they create could have been created by no one else.”


released October 12, 2018

Recorded and mixed at Black In Bluhm Studios
Mastered by Andrew Vastola
Music by Bud Bronson & The Good Timers
Lyrics by Brian Beer


all rights reserved



Bud Bronson & The Good Timers Denver, Colorado


"Between The Outfield And Outer Space" is out 10/12 via Snappy Little Numbers.

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Track Name: We Are The Champions (of the Basement)
Can you really consider it a rite of passage
If you never even let it pass
But you could never help being such a badass
Ripping round in your black Trans Am
Never let 'em tell you it's going outta style
That you're the last of a dying breed
We can still rule it all from top row
of the Lieder Field nosebleeds

If it's all been done, we'll do it again
Some friends stay put, some friends have left
We still got us, yeah to hell with them
We can still kick it in our basements

Now I can wear my dad's old softball jacket
From the year they were county champs
And we can play a show at the American Legion
Like we did with our high school bands
I saw you slumped against the wall, you were staring at
A Baywatch poster on the door
Sucking on the end of a dying cigarette
I guess the glory days are back once more

From way up here on the overpass
We can watch em all just racing past
Killing time and crushing cans
We're forever champs

We are the champions
We are the champions
We are the champs of the basement
If weeeee miss our glory days
We’ll turn back the clock so they always stay
The world used to be such a smaller place
In the basement, everything will be okay

Let ‘em jam up the highway
Let ‘em gridlock 78
When they come for us it won’t matter
Baby nobody’s getting away
Track Name: Carmine's, The Day After (Life of Purpose, Pt. I)
I spent my day at the mall
Buying our way through our brand new nightmare dawn
I saw stranger’s faces, wondering what they thought
But I couldn’t erase the feeling I got that I’m to blame
For thinking everything would be okay
Yeah the universe wouldn’t let it end this way
Cause I just wanna watch the game

I’m wide awake and it’s morning, and I’m paralyzed
I had a moment of peace and then I opened my eyes
It wasn’t just a bad dream late last night, yeah that was real life

Aaron would you pick me up?
I got my jacket on, I’ll be waiting for you out front
I know it’s killing you, it’s killing all of us
We’ll go to Carmine Lonardo’s and chase it with a sub
Cause this is not the time to lose our minds
Yeah Arty says we’ll all be fine
But it really feels real this time

I wanna know what I’m made of
We made a mistake
Will I stand up and fight or just sit and wait?
I ended last night at 7-11, I swear I’ve woken up a different person

Is it too soon, for us to think about something nice?
Are we still going to that show tonight?
Are you worried about what’s gunna happen if we get high and overanalyze?
Oh man, it’s a valid question, cause I don’t wanna go there tonight

It’s all coming into focus
I’m gunna live a life of purpose
I can hear it all in stereo chorus
I’m done sitting waiting for it
I’m gunna live I’m gunna live a life of purpose
No more feeling weak and hopeless
I’m gunna live a life of purpose

Yeah, I’m gunna miss so bad
All the fun times that we could have had
I swear that version of me is dead
I’m a brand new man
Track Name: End Of Our Lives
I've got this newfound sense of purpose
Combined with the fear it might all be entirely worthless
Have you read the news? Does it even make a difference all the little stupid things that I do?

Yeah it could be the end of our lives tonight
Yeah it could be the end of our lives
I got this feeling that I’m trying to deny tonight
Yeah this could be the end of our lives

Sean sent me a text, it just said "Doomsday"
We were scared as hell to finally graduate
Oh what a totally luxurious fear
Will we make the most of our next 60 years

Yeah it could be the end of our lives tonight
Yeah it could be the end of our lives
I got a feeling I wanna deny tonight

I don't wanna die living like this
I'm blowing it, we're blowing it
But I don't wanna fight if it's too late
I'm losing my mind in the U.S.A.

We used to joke about driving your car off a cliff
'91 Toyota Camry, that car was sick
We'd waste our time, we'd get lost on drives
Staring down the infinite rest of our lives

Now there's a bulldozer behind my house
Sinking metal teeth into the frozen ground
The house across the alley just got tore down
I hope the new neighbors don't think we're too loud

Man or machine they're gunna tear it all down
If they do it for us, we'll do it ourselves
Man or machine, they're gunna tear it all down
Welcome to the neighborhood, are we too loud?
Over our dead bodies are we turning it down

Now the cliche seems so outdated
Fighting off the bad guys with amplification
So many things I used to worry about
Seem so insignificant now

Cause it could be the end of our lives tonight
Yeah it could be the end of our lives
I got this feeling that I wanna deny tonight
Yeah it could be the end of our lives

Have I spent too long living off the fat of the land of the stars and stripes?
I don't wanna feel like a parasite

The universe sends us complications
That can't be solved by amplification
Track Name: Enter The Infinite
I’m throwing punches but I’m not sure where to aim
I’m torn between the outfield and outer space

We’ll turn it on and
Set it all up to blast off
Hyperspeed into a sea of stars
We’ll find a way to make sense of it all

I’m throwing punches into the cosmic void
I’m trying to scream but I’m just making noise
I’m battling the infinite
I’m searching for common a thread between the vast unknown to the small world where I live

We got a million different possibilities
From sea to shining galaxy
Yeah we can fly through 'em all at warp speed
And we may not learn a single thing

Yeah may not learn a single thing
But the view is pretty mind-blowing
And when we’re fried from everything we’ve seen
There’s no shame in calling for retreat
Track Name: Back To The Womb
I'm high in the airport
And I'm about to get so much higher
I'm flying home, I'm flying back in time

I wanna hear Mike Francesa
Scream about stuff that doesn't matter
I wanna fade into familiar bliss

Whatever's goin' on, I don't wanna know
I'm tuning out, I'm in airplane mode

There was a time in my life when I wanted nothing more
Than doing what I'd done before
The thought's kinda comforting, but I'd stagnate if it came to be
A basement champ for all eternity

It used to be about debauchery
Clinging to teenage fantasy
Now it's an exit strategy
A way to escape reality

Cause the world's so goddamn big
I need a place where it's all explained to me
Wrap me up and swallow me
I wanna forget about everything x2

Be kind and please rewind, a highlight reel of all of our good times
Yeah we can make some more tonight

Would it have ever been enough
Buds and Buds Friday night at the Paca Club?
It doesn't ever matter now
We can kick it at Kevin's house

Would it have ever even been enough?
The "Boys Are Back In Town" in Steve's garage?
We ain't never ever gunna find out
It doesn't even matter now cause

I'm going back to the womb, hey Matt is it cool if I crash with you?
Yeah, I’m going back to the womb
I'm going back to the womb, we can do everything we used to do
Don't think too much just power through

Cause we're testing time travel
Track Name: Leave It Open
There are things I wanna tell you
Things that I think you should know
But I don’t wanna hear what you think of me so I’ll just keep my mouth shut
Yeah I’ll just keep my mouth shut
But if we start a tab, man we’ll leave it open

Man it’s been so many months and miles, I’m just so glad to see you
And the things we’re scared to talk about, let’s just not dig into
But if you wanna throw one back, I’ll throw one back with you

I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since all the smoke and haze
Yeah it’s burned into my brain
We can climb up on your roof tonight, you’ll turn to me and say
“Yeah the skyline has changed”
But the view remains the same

Let’s take one more walk through Lion’s Park
It just seems so small now
The same woods where I hid from the world when I thought I had it all
Yeah I thought I had it all
But I was just scared, I was just pretending and I knew it all along
Yeah, I knew it all along
But the dream can still live on
Yeah, we don’t gotta have talk
Track Name: (Brave New) World Series
I’m plugged in, I’m fully charged
I’m sending signals straight from Queens, New York
Through a satellite a million miles away
And I can hear the planes screaming high above the stadium lights
Drowning out the voice over the PA
But not the thrill of the grass, or the view from the stands
Where your jersey color separates the good from bad
I wish it were all still as simple as that
A world where bench-clearing brawls were about mean as we'd get

Cause I’ve been thinking bout all of our high school drives
When we’d get lost in New Jersey, Winter 2005
30 years down the road, if we make it that far
Our kids will be forever found in their self-driving cars

Hey Dad, I used to hear you talking to our dog
He'd just stare back at you, but you would keep keeping on
Now I hear you tell Alexa everything you want
Yeah the future is here, but you're about to move on

There's a Brave New World Series coming
I hope you won't be around to tune in
Even the playoffs, they won't be worth watching
Cause we all lose no matter who wins

I wasn't born to talk to robots
But the world's such a different place than it was
The future is here, the one I've been dreading
You're moving along before it all blows up

I don’t wanna watch it blow up
We’ll hold it down you’re gone
Track Name: Parallel Universe
You and I we’re living in two parallel universes
Things you say happened, I just ain’t so sure
This ain’t a mistake, it’s a black-hole time-warp breakdown

Cause I can’t decide if you’re dead wrong or if we just disagree (x3)
I can’t be sure how anybody could be convinced of anything right now

Forrest tell us all about the last space documentary you watched
I need some perspective
I wanna see it all from afar, be reminded of how small we really are
A speck of dust in a sea of stars

And if the universe doesn’t care, I wanna hang with some friends who do
And if the universe won’t help us clean up our mess, well I guess it’s up to me and you
Track Name: Runner's Up Requiem
It’s all coming down to this tonight
Someone’s getting ripped to shreds beneath the stadium lights
But you and I were never the silent type
So if we’re going down, we’re going down in style
Let it ride

Here we go again, I think I’m gunna be sick
Watching ‘em carry on like this
Arms raised in the winners stand, shit-eating grins, backslapping screaming fans
Let ‘em swallow what they can ingest until they puke it up out back
Heads spinning, trying to comprehend how they could have put their trust in such shitty friends

Man, we can’t win every night
Yeah we’re gunna get crushed some times
But if this is how it’s gunna end, we’re going down convinced we’re the best
Cause nothing’s less complicated than pure self-righteous indignation

Yeah I’m still convinced we were right
Yeah I swear to God we were right
Does anybody really care tonight?
Yeah, really, who cares tonight
Track Name: The Good Guys Fight On (Life of Purpose, Pt. II)
I tell it all to you because I know you’ll listen
And just nod your head and agree
Tell me I’m right and it all makes sense
Right now affirmation’s all that I need
Cause for all my triumphant verbiage about living a life of purpose, all I’m really doing is learning how hard it is to become a different person

And I can cling to my vengefulness and my self-indulgent self-righteousness only if I’m willing to admit it’s all completely worthless in the end
And I can keep rooting for my side, hanging onto my hometown pride
only if I realize reality will never be so black and white

Still I just wanna watch the game
Gary, Keith and Ron take me away
I’ll take it any way I can these days, I just want an escape

And when all the party bands stop singing songs about beers in hands, arms around friends and upbeat jams about how the good times will never end
I wanna believe this too shall pass
But there’s a voice in my head saying “b-b-baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet”

Cause some crazy things happen man, yeah some things that are bigger than us
Yeah they’re bigger than us
And we can turn the amps up to 11 but it probably won’t accomplish much except pissing the neighbors off

Welcome to the block!

When you’re alone in a crowded bar surrounded by friends and you can’t find a reason
To fake it and raise your fist and sing along once more to Don’t Stop Believing, well that song sucks anyway
We got a million more to sing

I don’t know if they’re still making them
But I wanna watch the movie where the good guys win in the end

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