Manifest Fantasy

by Bud Bronson & The Good Timers

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How deep within the earth, how many leagues beneath the sea will we dig to bury all the lies we spit through gritted teeth? we say we’re fine! hide tears welling in our eyes, we smile while inhaling a forest fire of burning cherry trees Time’s up! Refresh the page, analog outpaced in a time-warp digital rage, born too early or born too late, we were born to run an unwinnable human race, and we’re falling behind, behind blue eyes, they got sick designs on yours and mine doc says it’s terminal this time now i’m so high i can see for miles and miles and miles from La Plata Peak to the black hole end of time before it all ends, just wanna make some small difference, my dad is dead, but before he died, he sent one uplifting text it said “the sun will rise again” once minor, now major they will manipulate ya the myths are real now, life is a highway to hell we laughed at our mayor and Reigning Blood by Slayer wish it was funny now life is a highway to hell i waded through a sea of trash and beer-drenched confetti while the DJ played “what a wonderful world” without a hint of irony how sickening! i see a disco ball forever dazzling a city on the hill further out of reach the party ends we’re still drinking a sea of bile to fill the empty hole inside, yeah GET A LIFE while miles and miles of misdirected rage conspires to set the world on fire the hour grows late, we stay up through the night, a protest against time, what’s one more night waiting for sunrise? once minor, now major they will manipulate ya the myths are real now life is a highway to hell we laughed at our mayor and Reigning Blood by Slayer all roads converging now life is a highway to hell
We were raised beneath the powerlines Enough voltage to fully vaporize all the dead-end streets, suburban trees, humming AC in the August heat a gift of love, full of flaws the world our parents left for us the pledge of allegiance and classic rock an IV of mythology infused into our blood the hallway stretches to infinity an empty motel off I-70 the sorrowful midwest, a promise never kept high life commercials I’d watch with my dad sent me dreaming of a far-off forgotten land a city stuck on the edge, glittering and anonymous still waiting for destiny to manifest we ripped through open city streets in the emptiness was possibility to rewrite the script, rediscover meaning in the hollowed-out core of the American Dream we watched the sun rising over the Rockies rooftops built by someone else we took our precious time, we were a million miles from everyone else and we didn’t care bout them yeah we didn’t care the city lay in front of us glittering and anonymous i didn’t care back then no, i didn’t care back then the future lay in front of us shimmering and infinite shimmering and infinite it was all in front of us shimmering and infinite the future in front of us was completely limitless impossibly distant pretty much irrelevant now it’s the age of decadence we take whatever we can get stagnant and disconnected we still got a couple lifetimes left till all the choices we made turn around and come back again we got at least a couple years left till all the choices we made turn around and come back again now i can smell your cigarette so promising when it was lit, it’s gone stale on your denim vest now i can smell your cigarette a little fire when it was lit, dissolved into the infinite i know you’re worried yeah i’m worried too Staring into the inferno To find the light to power through Flame’s getting higher I feel em too Reaching deep into the raging fire to find the light to power our way through it was always gunna to get better each summer longer than the last lifestyles optimized filling voids our parents never even knew they had we could still make it better each day better than the last yeah we could make still things better does it make you sad? all the dreams we left untapped post-rock USA
i thought this’d all be over by now i thought we’d be over all of this we were born here, you know we’re gunna die here, you know another sunrise over the Rockies like the graphic on an ice-cold can the same sun’s gonna swallow the earth a million years after you and I are dead but i can still remember the easy mindless dream the gilded vacant promise of manifest fantasy Rewind, climb inside, for one more ride in the fantasy machine the saga’s never-ending a cycle we can’t defeat doomed to make the same mistakes we swore to god we’d never repeat are you waiting for the ride to steady a return to normalcy a happy ending that’s never coming in this manifest fantasy delusion goes on forever there’s no final fantasy madness goes on forever there’s no final fantasy mania goes on forever there’s no final fantasy this song goes on forever FINAL FANTASY INFINITY


This band has always been about mythology. As young 20-somethings in the early 2010s, we dove headfirst into the cliches of youthful indulgence, championing the idea that maturity was a burden to be forever avoided. Flying the banner of eternal carelessness yielded to heartfelt reckoning on 2018's Between the Outfield and Outer Space, as we confronted our own willful ignorance amidst a country disappearing ever-deeper into a black hole of delusion.

Now in 2020, with the flames of dystopia rising higher by the day, the band's transformation has come full circle. Manifest Fantasy is a greatest hits collection of BBGT tropes -- the war between escapism and reality, the promise and emptiness of idealism, the false safety of the past versus fear of the future -- all delivered with the bone-crushing heaviness of modern-day American existence.

The EP kicks off with Nightfall at Mount Denial, an explosive instrumental opener that would feel at home on Monday Night Football -- a nod to our country's insatiable appetite for spectacle, excess, and bloodsport.

Life Is A Highway (To Hell) oscillates between rage, hope, and despair, wedging classic rock mythology and the feel-good hits of yesteryear against the bleakness of our current social landscape.

Post-Rock USA revisits BBGT in its youngest, most idealistic incarnation, making a larger statement about how promise gives way to disillusionment -- in everything from the stories we tell about ourselves to the myths about our world we must re-interpret as adults.

Final Fantasy: Infinity forsakes self-reflection and embraces the chaos, trading white-knuckled fear of the future for a full acceptance of the absurd and uncontrollable nature of human existence.

Is the apocalypse nigh? On Manifest Fantasy, we take a journey through all the emotions that come with trying to answer such a fucked-up question. The jury is out, but we hope there's something here you can grab onto while you search for your own conclusion.


released December 4, 2020

Recorded by Chris Fogal at Black in Bluhm Studios in Denver, CO.


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Bud Bronson & The Good Timers Denver, Colorado




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